Deutsch Ingenieurbüro Dr. Ing. Gerald Oberschmidt


Going wireless? Your company needs additional skills to face the challenges the wireless world brings?

ibdriGO is your partner to build up the required knowledge, especially in engineering teams that work close to production. They most often need to have a broad understanding of what RF is, how RF-signals can best be measured quick and reliably in a noisy environment. Test-engineers need to understand the functionality of an RF circuit, while they need not develop it.

Get together with us and let us know your goal, we will develop a customize training and coaching for you.

Gerald has several years of experience in teaching and skill-build-up during his academic and industry time.

Download a reading excerpt of slides here.

Further excerpts and tools are available in the download area.

Contents of Seminar-Series (in German). Example only, will be adjusted to your needs, contact us for a quote.

Seminar developed with and for External Partners

These seminars and seminar series are established with external well-known partners and continuing-education carriers. The topics are available to everybody and present a cost-effective solution for training single (or few) person(s)

Haus der Technik Essen (Seminars are in Munich)

Basics of RF and Microwave Engineering
(Seminar held in German language)
The objective is to understand and utilize language and principles of RF-Engineers such as

Dates: 20.2.13/09:00 - 21.2.13/17:00 in Munich

RF Measurement Techniques (including practical training)
(Seminar held in German language)

Dates: 16.10.12/09:00 - 17.10.12/17:00 in Munich

Further Semianrs on short range communication, basics of UMTS/ LTE with emphasize on manufacturing techniques are available.

Unsure if the seminar fits your needs? Call, we are happy to adjust topics and contents to your requirements

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